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DROP FAB - Inspiration

As the Open Space Agency, we believe in radical democratization of technology for anyone and everyone to use, unlocking hidden potential in individuals and communities. Giving people the environment and potential to innovate can end the severeness of the aid dependency cycle that permeates in the majority of aid initiatives.



In our journey of developing multiple open source hardware projects, we discovered that the biggest challenge for communities (e.g., rural communities) was not the lack of creative ideas, but rather (1) the lack of the appropriate tools necessary to manifest such ideas (2) the facilities and skills to manufacture open hardware at the required level of fidelity.

The Mission of DropFab is to provide the tools to build, adapt and repair any open hardware project - drones, agricultural robots, pumps, telescopes or bionics all packed into a portable shipping container sized “Fab” unit. There are ‘dropfab educators’ at each location teaching, building and maintaining skills, therefore creating opportunities for the community; also running projects to facilitate solution driven discussions tailored to that community.


drop fab - scale

One of the primary objectives of the Drop Fab is that it replicates its manufacturing capability, including tools left behind and the ability to maintain those tools.


Drop fab - timeline

Pre - Final container

  • R&D of components and assimilation of container
  • When screening for target locations, establish top needs for that community, create list, community then rates top requirements (irrigation vs crops vs etc)
  • Training of the touring staff
  • Logistics & Operations of the container (inner contents and transport)
  • Establish partnerships with local authorities

Once the container is built

  • Get to location
  • Set up/Unloading/Get it running
  • Icebreaker of intro & promo
  • Staff spends approximately 2 months on location
  • Moves on to the next location

Drop fab - a bold solution

We aim to end aid dependency that is often associated with aid projects. Giving people the power to solve their own problems.

“Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.”

We would like to add…

“Teach him how to make a fishing rod, and you can feed the whole village”.